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A new online resource for schools

Imagine your class spending time each day listening closely to a sound. It might be a sound you have heard every day but never noticed before, or perhaps a sound you could not hear without amplification. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the mysterious clicks and booms of a diving sperm whale, or the musical virtuosity of a woodland dawn chorus; hear an elderly man telling a story from his childhood in Paignton or a song about Brixham seamen. Then share with others what you think you heard and discover more about the sounds. Over the weeks, you will have travelled in your imagination to towns, landscapes and oceans across the planet.

The School of listening

The School of Listening is a new free resource for schools, developed for The Tale with Torbay-based Sound Communities. This page will contain 30, one minute sound clips and all the resources you need to use them in the classroom; as a daily icebreaker, to kick start a project or to use before or after a visit to The Tale.

All the sounds have been chosen by artists and others involved in The Tale and many of them are clips of sounds found in The Tale.

The sounds are all completely free. Sample sounds will be available from early July with the full resource online from 1 September 2017.

The School of Listening is funded by Ernest Cook Trust.

If you have any questions or would like to register to use School of Listening sign up on the schools page.

Image credit: Kate Rudman, Sound Communities

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